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25901 William was a son of Patrick Hogan and Mary Garrow. (Douglas L. Laundry) HOGAN, William (I159586)
25902 William was a son of William Boyle and Annie Unknown. (Massachusetts, Marriage Records, 1840-1915 - BOYLE, William (I159973)
25903 William was a son of William Francis Hughes and Sarah Ann Wareing. (Richard Family Tree - gomerzi1211 - HUGHES, William Francis (I162149)
25904 William was a son of William H. Dwyer and Ellen Burns. (Massachusetts, Marriage Records, 1840-1915 - DWYER, William Henry (I160530)
25905 William was born between 1755 (1840 census) and 1762 (pension claim #4481 in 1832). (Bonnie Millican suggested that his father was James Harrison who was born 1742 in Maryland, moved to Mecklenburg Co., VA in 1762, served in the Revolutionary War, moved to Tennessee in 1805, and died there on 12/12/1839. (BLW #3977?160?55)

Autosomal DNA matches suggest that William was born as a Harrison. The first record showing him as Stark was on the 1817 Buckingham County Personal Property Tax. From 1832 and after, he appeared as William Harrison and/or Starks.

He enlisted as William Harrison in the Revolutionary War from Mecklenburg Co., VA. He stated that he was no more than 15 years old and he was a War substitute for another man - Jason? Or Ralph? (pension application). He served part of the time in the militia and part of his time in the regular army for a total of 5-7 years. His muster and pay sheets started in December of 1777 and continued through November of 1779. He was listed as a drummer. (NARA - Compiled Service Records of Soldiers Who Served in the American Army during the Revolutionary War). He was discharged at Winchester, VA after the surrender of Cornwallis (October 19, 1781). He was wounded on two occasions and was captured at Charleston, S. C. and escaped once (pension claim #4481). He served in the battles at Brandywine, Germantown, Stony Point, Monmouth, Guilford, Pee Dee, and Charleston.

He received a Bounty Land Warrant in 1783 and promptly sold it for next to nothing according to his pension file.

There were several records in Mecklenburg Co., VA for a William Starke but they occurred before William was born or shortly thereafter.

A William Harrison married Margaret Wade on November 16, 1790 in Mecklenburg, VA. (Margaret may have been the first or second of at least two wives for William. The earliest known children of William were born around 1805, so perhaps he had three or more wives.)

The Mecklenburg Co., VA Personal Property Tax List for 1800 and 1814 listed a William Harrison.

The 1810 census listed a William Starks in Dinwiddie Co., VA near Petersburg and a William Starke in Stafford Co., VA near Fredricksburg. (No children of Sallie's age in either listing)

Buckingham Co., VA Personal Property Tax Lists for 1817, 1819, 1820, 1822, 1823, and 1825 showed a William Starks.

The 1820 Buckingham Co., VA census showed William Starks with:
One son less than 10 - ?
One daughter 16-26 - (probably Sallie born about 1805 (45 in 1850 census?))
One daughter less than 10 - (probably Janetta born about 2/29/1816 in Manteo, VA (tombstone and her obituary). (Actually the tombstone showed 1817 - but not a leap year.))
One female 26-45 - (his wife and probably Janetta's and Sallie's mother?)
(This entry suggests that he married no later than 1804 and that he lived in Manteo, Buckingham Co., VA from at least 1816.)

The 1830 Buckingham Co., VA census showed William Starks 60-70 with:
Two sons 5-10 - (probably James born about 1822/4 and ?)
One daughter 10-15 - (probably Janetta)
One female 30-40 - (probably Sina/Lina Wooten born 1800 (widow's pension application))
(This entry shows that William's first wife (second?) must have died after the 1820 census and James could be the son of the first wife or Sina/Lina.)

On 8/15/1832 William Harrison's pension claim was executed and he claimed to be about 70. The pension was for $88 per year to start in 1834.
Brumbaugh, citing miscellaneous military bounty land warrant records, listed #1900 William Harrison (alias Starke).
In 1834 William Harrison purchased 50 acres from John Ragland. (Buckingham Co., VA land tax records).

In 1839 William Harrison sold 25 acres to B. N. Ragland. (Buckingham Co., VA land tax records).

The 1840 Buckingham Co., VA census showed William Harrison 80-90 with:
Two sons 15-20 - (probably James and ?)
One female 30-40 - (probably Sina/Lina)
However, William Starks 85 with an asterick was shown to the right of this entry.

In 1848 William Harrison, alias Starkes, was listed in a Buckingham Co., VA Extant Poll List.

William Harrison died on 1/22/1849 (NARA).

The William Starks Estate consisting of 25 acres was listed in Buckingham Co., VA land tax records throughout the 1850s and it was sold in 1863 to John Horsley. An entry in the Buckingham Co., VA Deed Book #2, page 690 mentioned a 2 acre covenant on the William Harrison Estate (50 acres) for the Episcopal Church Cemetery. The cemetery is located on the east side of Route 601, ½ mile north of Route 737 (south of Manteo). About 200-300 feet north of the cemetery are number of unmarked graves and it is assumed that one of them is William Harrison Starks. In the Spring of 2000, an American Revolutionary gravestone honoring William was placed at this site.

Related information

In 1853 Sina/Lina Wooten applied for Revolutionary War Widow's Pension Benefits. She was unable to produce a marriage certificate but several prominant citizens of Buckingham County signed papers verifying that she had been living with William Harrison as man and wife for many years. She was granted a pension of $88 per year starting in 2/3/1853. The pension was restored on 1/25/1866 (#3521) and again in 1868. On 8/22/1855 she was awarded bounty land warrant #3977 for 160 acres. She last appeared in the census records with James M. Harrison, her son, in 1870.

Sina Starks (37?) was listed with James Starkes (26) in the 1850 Buckingham Co., VA census next door to Joseph Londeree. (See below.) James was a carpenter.

The 1840 Buckingham Co., VA census showed Joseph Londree (Londeree) (20-30) with:
One son less than 5 - (William born 11/15/1840)
One female 20-30 - (Janetta)
Joseph Londeree lived next door to William Harrison / Starks.

The 1840 Buckingham Co., VA census showed John Howell (20-30) with:
One female less than 5 - (Juda?)
One female 20-30 - (Sallie (William Harrison / Starks' daughter) (See Joseph Londeree below.))
The Howells lived next door to William Harrison / Starks and two doors from Joseph Londeree.

The 1850 Buckingham Co., VA census showed Joseph Longare (Londeree) (32) with:
Janetta 29 - Wife (William Harrison / Starks' daughter)
William 10, Mary 9, John 8, Chesley 7, George 3, and Charles 2 - children of Joseph and Janetta.
Howell, Sallie 45 - (Janetta's sister?)
Juda 12, Rosa 6, and George 4 - Sallie's children

James Starks married Sallie A. Ragland in Buckingham Co., VA in 1855.

Martha Ann Starks was born in Buckingham Co., VA in 1856 (daughter of James and Sallie).

The 1860 Buckingham Co., VA census showed James M. Harrison (36) with:
Sallie 27 - wife
Mary W. 5
Martha A. 4 - (born Martha Ann Starks above)
Lena 60 - (William Harrison / Starks' last wife)
James' occupation was listed as a carpenter.

Nancy Ellen Starks was born on 7/11/1860 in Buckingham Co., VA (daughter of James and Sallie).

Anna M. Harrison was born in 1865 in Buckingham Co., VA (daughter of James and Sallie). Her obituary stated that she was born a Starks.

Betty Lee Harrison was born on 4/30/1866 in Buckingham Co., VA (daughter of James and Sallie)

The 1870 Buckingham Co., VA census showed James M. Harrison (48) with:
Sallie A. 38 - wife
Mary W. 14
Martha A. 13 - (born Starks above)
Nancy E. 11 - (born Nancy Ellen Starks above (married Chesley Nathaniel Londeree))
A. O. 8 - (may be Alford - Joseph's and Janetta's last son? )
Anna M. 5 - (her obituary said that she was born a Starks)
Bettie 4 - (married Thomas Henry Londeree)
Sallie L 2/12
Lena 70 - (William Harrison / Starks last wife)
George Lundy (Londeree) 23 - (Joseph's and Janetta's son)
Thomas Lundy (Londeree) 14 - ( Joseph's and Janetta's son)

In the 1870-72 period there were numerous entries for produce from James Starks in Otha Mills Sutton's Day Book. Otha Mills Sutton owned a farm next to James M. Harrison in the 1870 census. There were no 1870 census entries for James Starks in central Virginia.

Nancy Ellen (Starks) Harrison married Chesley Nathaniel Londeree 10/4/1876 in Buckingham Co., VA.

The 1880 Nelson Co., VA census showed James M. Harrison (56) with:
Sallie 48 - Wife
Bettie 13
Sallie 8
Minnie 5

Betty Lee Harrison married Thomas Henry Londeree on 5/6/1884 in Albemarle Co., VA

The 1900 Albemarle Co., VA census showed James and Sallie Harrison living next to George Londeree. Londeree stories state that Grandpa and Grandma Starks lived next to George Londeree. There were no Starks living near to George Londeree. Several other Londeree relatives lived close to George Londeree. 
25906 William's birth record listed him as the 3rd child.
The 1920 census of Kennebunkport, Maine listed Willie 13 living with his paternal grandparents, Louis 64 and Vitaline 63. (
The 1930 census of Kennebunkport, York, Maine listed Willis 23, Joseph Paulien 28 (farmhand), and Marie 25 (sister). ( 
LANDRY, William Louis (I124516)
25907 William's parents were listed as John S. Landry and Hannah Flavin. (Massachusetts Marriages 1841-1915 - Family F63359
25908 Willie's birth record had a note that it was "corrected 12-18-42." LANDRY, William Adolph Willie (I160142)
25909 Wilmer never married. (Connecticut Death Index 1949-2012 - LANDRY, Willmer Edward (I160571)
25910 Wilson was a son of Ireneo Caselli and Adela Brunetti. (Caselli Family Tree - Mary44251 - CASELLI, Wilson Joseph (I161861)
25911 Wilson was a son of Johnny Woods and Annette Simoneaux. (Woods Family Tree - WOODS, Wilson G. (I146015)
25912 Winfield was a son of Ira D. Farr and Caroline Stowell. (New Hampshire, Marriage and Divorce Records, 1659-1947 - FARR, Winfield Gordon (I163178)
25913 Winnie was a daughter of Joseph O'Neil Meche and Lorena Unknown. (Meche Family Tree - MECHE, Winnie (I145135)
25914 Winnifred was a daughter of Hermann F. Arens and Elizabeth C. McNamara. (Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007 - ARENS, Winnifred Adelma (I160005)
25915 WWI registration card listed Edward as single on 22 3 1918. (Canada, Soldiers of the First World War, 1914-1918 - Family F43954
25916 WWII draft registration list contact person as Mr. Nellie Landry. ( Family F64470
25917 www.findagrave listed Tracadie as the burial location but Simon's death was in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. LANDRY, Simon (I69420)
25918 Kardex 0017008026.jpg Family F47029
25919 Xavier Pelletier may have married Henriette Celina Odila instead of Marie Odile. There was only one Odile in the 1881 census LANDRY, Marie Odile (I116210)
25920 Xavier Pellletier may have married this Odila instead of Marie Odile. Only one of them was alive in 1881. LANDRY, Henriette Celina Odila (I164551)
25921 You will notice that only one Jean Baptiste child was listed with this family.

The 1871 census of St. Philippe, Kamouraska, Quebec listed Jean Baptiste 27, Emelie 32, Jean Bte. 3, and Odille 8/12. ( Written and indexed as Landril.

The 1881 census of St. Romuald d'Etchemin, Levis, Quebec listed L. Baptiste 37, Emelie 40, J. Baptiste 13, Odile 10, Eva 7, Emelie 3 and Delina Dionne 22. (

The 1891 census of St. Romuald d'Etchemin, Levis, Quebec listed J. Baptiste 45, Emelie 50, Odile 20, Eva 16, Emelia 13, J. Baptiste 23, and Denise 21 (daughter-in-law). (

The 1901 census of St. Romuald d'Etchemin, Levis, Quebec listed Jean Bte. 55 and Mary Jane 39. ( 
LANDRY, Jean Baptiste (I59273)
25922 Yvette was a daughter of Lucien Felicien Philip Goguen and Adrienne Marie Anastasie Lacroix. (Goguen-Muccini Family Tree - GlendaHaupt1953 - GOGUEN, Yvette I. (I161363)
25923 Yvonne was indexed as a male in the 1920 census and as a female in all other cases.. LANDRY, Yvonne (I162638)
25924 Zachariah was a son of John Emerick and Susannah Shank. (Descendants of Simon (poss Simon Pierre) Landry - Diane Murach) EMERICK, Zachariah (I137167)
25925 Zelia was listed as 2 in the 1861 census of Nicolet, Canada East (Quebec). ( LANDRY, Azilda Zelia (I53423)
25926 Zoe was the daughter of Georges Dupuis Gilbert and Theotiste Vachon. (Drouin's Men, Part I)

The 1910 census of Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine listed Zoie 68 (wid.), Joseph 30 (wid.), Noel 50 (wid.), and ????. Zoe had 10 children and 8 were still alive. ( 
25927 Zoel was a son of Jean Baptiste Audet and Lucie Bombardier. (GenealogieQué, Drouin Institute - The Lafrance) AUDET, Zoel (I120562)
25928 Zoel's death certificate listed him as a parish priest. LANDRY, Zoel (I112719)

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