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25801 Therese was a daughter of Louis Ronsonet and Nolia Bonin. (Landry, Purba, and Related Families Tree - RANSONET, Therese (I146599)
25802 These dates for birth and baptism may not be correct. The parents were difficult to read. The dates may be for another Marie Odile Landry with parents of Jean? Landry and Marthina? Gagnon. However, I do not have such a marriage in my database. Regardless, there was a 20 year old Odila Landry with parents of John Landry and Celine who married Xavier Pelletier in 1892 in Lowell, Massachusetts. LANDRY, Marie Odile (I116210)
25803 This Anne Osite may have married Michel Bourgeois. Currently I have Anne Osite, daughter of Abraham dit petit Landry and Elizabeth Leblanc, married to Michel . LANDRY, Anne Osite (I52784)
25804 This baptism record listed Marguerite's parents as Charles Lendry and Madeleine Douaron. Marcel Walter Landry claimed that Madeleine was a sister-in-law and the actual mother was Marie Hebert. LANDRY, Marguerite (I63333)
25805 This baptism record was very difficult to read. LANDRY, Marie Melina Amelina (I53067)
25806 This birth entry doesn't make sense. Their first child was born in 1885. LANDRY, Louis (I119732)
25807 This birth entry doesn't make sense. Their first child was born in 1885. MCGOVERN, Mary (I119735)
25808 This birth occurred in Lowell but registered in Fall River. (Massachusetts, Birth Records, 1840-1915 - I believe that it was an error. LANDRY, Marie L. (I162657)
25809 This birth record was filed on 24 March 1942 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. ( LANDRY, Etudienne (I116715)
25810 This birth record was for Jude Landry and was the record signed by the doctor. I do not know if it was the same person as Arthur Joseph or a twin. If it was a twin, he died before 1900. LANDRY, Arthur Joseph (I161634)
25811 This birth year can't be. He showed up in the 1910 census. Perhaps his birth day was 14 Nov 1909. LANDRY, William Evariste Robert (I56872)
25812 This child was listed as the 4th child for this couple. Could it be William Hermenegilde Landry? LANDRY, Unnamed (I121530)
25813 This couple's gender may be switched, i. e. Lucienne may be Lucien, a male, and Yvon may be Yvonne, a female. Family F58569
25814 This does not appear to be the same family as Louis Arthur Landry and Emma Olescond/Olscamp. They had some of the same children's names with similar ages, and in 1910 lived in the same county. However, the two first sons (Arthur) had totally different birth records. The name John Landry only showed up on his son Arthur's birth record. His wife, Emma, never appeared with her maiden surname. In the current family, I was unable to find birth records for Walter, Charles, or the other children. The only Walter born about 1900 or Charles born about 1903 were those with parents named Louis Landry and Emma Olescond. LANDRY, John (I162568)
25815 This family included 3 boys and 3 girls. (Falgoust Family Tree - LANDRY, Lloyd Andrew (I145613)
25816 This family was indexed as Landry, Laundry, or Sandry.
The 1900 census of Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts listed Israel 44, Mary 39, Jules 10, Freddie 9, and Albert 2. (
The 1920 census of Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts listed Isral 73, Mary 58, Charles 30, Albert 21, and Yveone 18 (male). ( Indexed as Sandry.
The 1930 census of Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts listed Israel 74, Mary 68, and Yvonne 29 (female). ( 
LANDRY, Israel (I58849)
25817 This individual was baptized as Alphonse but often went by Frank as an adult.

The 1900 census of Coleman, Wisc. listed Frank 32, Annie 27, Ernest 9, Leona 7, May 6, Leonard 4, Edward 3, and Emil 1. (

The 1905 Wisconsin State census of Coleman, Wisc. listed Frank 35, Anna 32, Ernest 14, Leona 12, May 11, Leonard 9, Edward 8, Emile 6, Eva 4, John 2, and Alphons 9/12. (

The 1910 census of Coleman, Wisc. listed Frank 45, Anna 36, Ernest 18, Leona 17, May 15, Leonard 14, Emil 11, Eva 9, John 7, Alphonse 5, and Annabel 3. ( 
LANDRY, Francois Frank Alphonse (I163912)
25818 This individual went by Yvon Marcien Landry.
The 1930 census of Shelby, Toole, Montana listed Ivan M. 40, Mary 30, Alexander 12, and George A. 11. (
The 1940 census of Spokane, Spokane, Washington listed Yvon M. 50, Mary 40, and George A. 21. ( 
LANDRY, Louis Eva Yvon Arsene Alexis (I159374)
25819 This Joseph probably was one of his brothers. Family F60636
25820 This line is not one of the original Landry lines but is included because some descendants used the Landry surname.

The 1871 census of Wotton, Wolfe, Quebec listed Narcisse 60, Flavie 49, Celina 23, Hercule 22, Joseph 20, Sophie 17, Amedee 14, Esdras 13, Fortunat 9, and Emma 5. (

The 1881 census of Wotton, Wolfe, Quebec listed Narcisse 70, Flavie 57, Cilina 30, Fortuna 10, Ema 15, and Amede 24. ( 
25821 This line started as Rivard, then became Laglanderie, and this person was the first person using the Landry surname. For more ancestrial information go to Marcel Walter Landry's website: ations=4 .

The 1861 census of Drummond, Canada East (Quebec) listed Joseph 46, Olive 34, Edwin 16, Albert 13, Benjamin 11, Lenmara 9, Ellen 7, Wiluan? 5, Sarah 3, and Mende 1. ( Written and indexed as Landrey.

The 1871 census of Kingsey Falls, Drummond, Quebec listed Joseph 54, Olive 43, Edward 25, Albert 23, Benjamin 21, Leonora 19, Ellen 16, William 14, Sarah 13, Emede 10, George 9, Georgia 6, and Joseph 3. ( Written and indexed as Laundry.

The 1880 census of Northbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts listed Joseph 64, Olive 52, George 17, Georgiana 15, and Joseph 12. ( 
25822 This marriage apparently was recorded incorrectly. Note that a correction was submitted in 26 April 1863. The marriage should have been to Samuel Burdick. Family F63181
25823 This marriage was recorded on 7 January 1875. Family F45017
25824 This may be the wrong Albina St. Jean. Narcisse's wife died before the 1920 census. ST. JEAN, Albina (I161091)
25825 This person probably was baptized as Elie Landry but appeared to be referred to as Lucifroid or Sifroid thereafter. LANDRY, Elie Lucifroid Sifroid (I149632)
25826 This person was baptized and married as Nicolas. Subsequently he went by Olivier. (Marcel Walter Landry) LANDRY, Nicolas Olivier (I67227)
25827 This person was baptized as Augure, but as an adult he went by Auguste. LANDRY, Augure Auguste (I164019)
25828 This person was baptized as Francois Xavier Landry and was named Xavier (not Joseph) in the 1871 and 1881 censuses. As an adult he was called Joseph.

-- MERGED NOTE ------------

The 1901 census of of Montreal, Quebec listed Joseph 35, Aurelie 24, Alberta 6, Adrien 5, and Noel 3. ( 
LANDRY, Francois Xavier Joseph (I164190)
25829 This person was baptized as Joseph Henri Landry and after that he appeared as Cyprien Landry.

The 1881 census of Ste. Clothilde, Arthabaska, Quebec listed Cyprien 32, Heliose 30, and Aime 1. (

The 1891 census of Ste. Clothilde d'Horton, Arthabaska, Quebec listed Cyprien 42, Helene 40, Aime 11, Donat 9, Hormisdas 7, Marie 5, Armand 3, and Joseph 8/12. ( 
LANDRY, Joseph Henri Cyprien (I60842)
25830 This person was baptized as Joseph Jean but appeared subsequently as William. I could not find a baptism record for William. The 1900 census listed a birth date of Sept. 1875 which was similar to Joseph Jean's baptism record. LANDRY, Joseph Jean William (I164834)
25831 This person was baptized as Marie Adelaide but probably went by Eloise thereafter. LANDRY, Marie Adelaide Eloise (I163444)
25832 This person was baptized as Marie Alma but appeared as Alma or Adelaide subsequently. LANDRY, Marie Alma Adelaide (I123035)
25833 This person was baptized as Marie Amanda but was generally referred to as Emma. LANDRY, Marie Amanda Emma (I164227)
25834 This person was baptized as Marie and married as Marie Celine. AYOTTE, Marie Celina (I2094)
25835 This person was baptized as Marie but appeared in censuses as Eveline. Parents were difficult to read on this baptism record. LANDRY, Eveline (I56915)
25836 This person was baptized as Marie Cedelise but generally was referred to as Elise. LANDRY, Marie Cedelise Elise (I164229)
25837 This person was baptized as Marie Julie. Usually she appeared as Marie and occasionally as Evangeline. LANDRY, Marie Julie Evangeline (I164353)
25838 This person was baptized as Marie Malvina Josephine Vaince(?) or Alvina(?): appeared in the 1871 census as Aglaure; and appeared in the 1881 census as Alvina. LANDRY, Marie Malvina Josephine Vaince or Alvina? Aglaure (I56135)
25839 This person was baptized as Marie Regina but appeared subsequently as Virginia. LANDRY, Marie Regina Virginia (I163798)
25840 This person was baptized as Marie Stephanie and appeared to use Cecile thereafter. LANDRY, Marie Stephanie Cecile (I153323)
25841 This person was baptized as Marie Virginnie but was called Marie thereafter. LANDRY, Marie Virginie (I66376)
25842 This person was baptized as Marie. LANDRY, Marie Wilhelmine (I70573)
25843 This person was baptized Marie Emelie but was referred to as Helene thereafter. LANDRY, Marie Emelie Helene (I116848)
25844 This person was born as Francis but called Frederic thereafter. LANDRY, Francis Frederic (I129532)
25845 This source has some significant errors. Source (S4983)
25846 This was a tough family to reconstruct. Often baptized names did not appear in subsequent documents, e.g. censuses and/or marriages. Comparing ages helped me to associate the names. Family F10263
25847 Thomas was a son of Azor Haskell Bray Roberts and Lucy Frances Sargent. (Dana Staples Family Tree - ROBERTS, Thomas Byron (I161882)
25848 Thomas was a son of Ben C. McNeil and SusanH. Unknown. (Borel Family Tree - MCNIEL, Thomas Charles (I145227)
25849 Thomas was a son of Elmer Burler and Margaret Murray. (New Hampshire Marriage Records Index 1637-1947 - BUTLER, Thomas (I160645)
25850 Thomas was a son of Pierre Leger and Margaret Vaudet. (Massachusetts, Marriage Records, 1840-1915 - LEGER, Thomas (I160588)

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